[NRL] The Pretty Boys vs. The Bad Boys

So, the NRL Grand Final has been set.

The Roosters v The Bulldogs.


If I had to choose 2 teams that I hate the most right now, it is those 2 teams. I can’t actually pick either to win.

The Bulldogs: It is a compulsory law that any Parramatta fan hates the Bulldogs guts. This goes back to the 80’s rivalry, but also to the *shudder* Preliminary Final loss to them a few years back… Plus they’re all pack of cheaters and bastards..

The Roosters: Pretty Boys. Arrogant. Up-themselves. Dickhead Coach. What more can be said about the team that gets all the breaks and all the attention. Even Fittler has turned into a player that I just can’t wait to leave. Their list of players that piss me off include, Walker, Crocker, Minichello, Finch, Hodges. How can I want them to win?

The Roosters coach, Ricky Stuart, came out and said it was “the Grand Final everyone wanted to see”.


It’s the last Grand Final I wanted to see.


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