Fitzy vs The Eel

In the Sunday Telegraph, it was written tthat the Chief Executive of my beloved Parramatta Eels is considering changing our logo from the Eels to something else. He says it is ‘slimey’ and not ‘powerful’ enough.

From the PlanetEels Yahoo Group, that I am a member of, Kate Wallace has written this letter, and it mirrors exactly what I think of the situation.

For the un-initiated, the Eels logo looks like this:


As you all know, we have constantly been made a laughing stock by our fearless CEO. But this time he’s gone too far in wanting to change the Eels mascot. I have sent the following letter to Big League, Rugby League Week and the Sunday Telegraph in the hope that for once he will listen to us,the fans of the Mighty Eels.

New Mascot the Solution?

Even before the dust has begun to settle from the Telstra Premiership 2004 season, Denis Fitzgerald is at it again!! In a disappointing year which saw the Eels finish 12th in a new playing stip and logo designed to capture the tradition and glory days of the Eels golden era, the 80’s (which were highlighed in the 3 part dvd “The Mighty Eels” released by the club this year), the club also lost two of the leagues greats, Jack Argent and Peter Frilingos, both of whom helped to make the Eels the great Club it is today.
But can such a poor season which brought many misfortunes be attested to the Eels mascot? “It is slimy and it doesn’t represent strength or power”.
These are the “wise” words of a man who, just this year, promised that the Eels would win the ‘highly’ important Club Championship (which the Eels lost for the first time in 8 years); stated that Melbourne Storm (a team which finished in the top 6 in the race for the Grandfinal) should be relocated in the bid for a 16th team (a proposal which was not approved); and finally that the semi final between the Cowboys and Broncos should not be played in Townsville (which saw the Cowboys beat the Broncos 10-0 in front of a sell out crowd!) This leads me to ask the question, does the CEO really know what we, the fans, really want?? I think not! Changing the mascot, which was named by the late Peter Frilingos in 1965 from the Aboriginal term for Parramatta, “where the eels lie down”, is not a quick fix solution to the problems facing our club. Look elsewhere Fitzy!! We the fans have donned the blue and gold week in and week out and have suffered along with the players. But like the players, when we put on our jersey, we wear the emblem of the Eel on our left, over our hearts, with pride. To us, the fans, it represents pride, passion, tradition and a fighting spirit which never says die! If you want to change the mascot to something that represents Parramatta, then change it back to the Fruit Pickers, which was what we were known as when we became “the house that Jack built”. For the clubs sake Fitzy, leave the Eels mascot alone! Have a good hard listen, word for word, to the Eels old theme song “We Are The Eels” by Col Duane and have a good hard think about what the Eel represents and what it means to the Club and fans.

Perhaps the face of the Parramatta is one that is “very difficult to deal with” and “is slimy and doesn’t represent strength or power”, but I’m not referring to the one found in the Parramatta River……… Fitzy, hear our plea, please don’t destroy the house that Jack built. Eels forever!!!

Kate Wallace


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