[NRL] Pushing into tackles

I just read an article about the Finch Judiciary meeting
(Finch free for grand-final charge) and it got me thinking about that Raiders v Roosters game on Sunday.

One thing I really noticed in that game, more so than other games was the way that Canberra players continually pushed their own attacking players into tackles. Over and over it happened. If the opportunity was there, every time a Canberra player was tackled by a
Rooster, another Raider would be behind them pushing them forward…

This was annoying the piss outta me cause i didn’t see any benefit in it.

Were they trying to slow down the play of the ball. Were they simply trying to gain more metres?

I know that this ploy has been used more and more in the last few seasons, but I think the Raiders pushed it a little too far (pardon the pun) on Sunday…

And as a result, Finch and Stuart used it to downgrade his charge….

In this case, i think maybe they had a point.


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