Spozzy’s ‘Fictional’ Story about the Roosters….

From ‘Spozzy’ a fellow Eels supporter at the PlanetEels Yahoo! Group I bring you this little story about what happened yesterday when Brad Fittler was supposed to turn up at the Finals launch Captains Meeting and photo shoot…

It’s funny and maybe a little too accurate…. 😉


This Story is fictional, not Real.. any Names or Persons similar with the real Life is purely a coincidence……..

A telephone conversation between Fittler and Gould heard from Bondi on Monday Morning…

Freddie: Hi Dad, errr I mean Phil.. how r ya?

Gould: Good my boy, how r u holding up after yesterdays emotional game?

Freddie: Mate, the Game was a jog in the park, the celebrations afterwards was the problem, I have a hangover.. I’m buggered.. and this is why i’m ringing you Gus, my old time favourite person..

Gould: what’s up Freddie, Tell me.

Freddie: Mate, it’s about today’s NRL Captains meeting to promote the Final 8 Semi-final Series, I don’t want to go, i’m too tired and hung up, and plus mates are coming from the bush and we are continuing to party, and I want to spend time with the family as well.

Gould: No worries mate, stuff ’em, don’t turn up, that’ll give the press some fuel hehehe, I love it, its cool mate, ill call my bum chum Politis, and he can call his Bum chum David Gallop and she’ll be right mate..

Freddie: ok, mate, I appreciate it Gus, when the Captain’s meeting is on, ill be at the Pool across the road from the Meeting, ill make it look like I’m recovering from the Footy game ok? ..

Gould: Glad to see u learned from me all those tricks over the year’s son..

Freddie: LOL

Gould: Tell ya what, we will send Ricko to replace you, so we have a representative ok?

Freddie: Good Move! Gus! You are a Legend !

Gould: i know, cya mate

Another telephone conversation between Nick Politis and David Gallop later that morning….

Nick: G’day David

David: Hi Nick, wuz up?

Nick: Just a courtesy call mate, wondering if the brand new Ford I gave ya for the Salary Cap Cover-up last month is all in good nick and if u r happy with it mate? Because we have plenty more for you to choose from u know..

David: Mate, it runs like a beauty, I love it, u are a legend Nick.

Nick: thanks mate! oh yeah, and also to let ya know that Freddie won’t be turning up to today’s captains meeting, he just can’t be bothered mate, ok?

David: Ok, mate no worries at all, just let me check one thing…just a sec..

David: yeah mate cool, no worries, I just checked the rules book, and there’s no mention of it, so its not a finable offence, and we will go with that when the Media asks me ok? Ill say, it’s not an offence at this stage to shun the meeting just because he could not be f….. Turning up, after all it’s only to promote the game, ok? After all, he plays for the Team that are treated differently to the rest right Bro?

Nick: right on Bro!! Glad to see we think along the same lines… two great minds think alike hehehe

David: yeah! Anything else I can do for ya Nick?

Nick: Yeah mate, just make sure Finch wins the Dally M’s Tonight, he was leading before the votes closed, so, it should be easy enough to rig it right? .. Does ya Mrs need a car?

David: ummmm yeah, considerate done mate!! ….She said she would love a Yellow one..

Nick: Done! will be delivered to your house within the hour..

David: Thanks.. cya

I have to agree with Spozzy on this. It is the height of arrogance for the captain of a local Sydney team to not bother showing up for a captains meeting, when captains from all the other teams, including from Melbourne and Brisbane showed up.

So, look out for Mrs. Gallop driving around in a brand new Yellow car 😉

Thanks Spozzy!


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