The 2004 NRL Finals

So, the NRL regular season has finished, and the finals series begins.

The Roosters snatched the Minor Premiership on For and Against, while the Raiders snuck into 8th spot, thanks for the lacklustre efforts from the Knights, Tigers, Sharks and Eels in the last weeks of the season.

The final ladder looks like this:

Some Canberra Raiders plays reportedly sobbed in joy after the game on Saturday (and these are footy players??)

They of course have to beat the Roosters in the first week of the finals series to get to Week 2. So what are the chances they’ll be sobbing in despair next week!

I HOPE the finals pan out like this:

And Penrith get Back to Back Premierships!

I only wish this because i HATE the Roosters, Bulldogs, Storm and Broncos, and I think the Dragons, Cowboys and Raiders have no chance. So that leave the Penrith boys 🙂

I don’t think they will be realistically though. I think that the favourites may win all the way through and we’ll have a Bulldogs v Roosters Grand Final.

IF that happens, I don’t think I’ll bother even watching it!


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