Australian Idol – The Final 12

Ok, so I’ve been sucked into Australian Idol this year. I thought it was a load of crap last year, but probably because I didn’t watch it from the beginning. This year I was interested in seeing the Canberra Auditions, (cause I was going to go, but didn’t cause I’m a big wimp) and since then I have grown to know the contestants and all my opinions now 🙂

I didn’t see every performance tonight, but I was impressed with Casey, Courtney and of course, the Canberra girl, Hayley. Hayley sang a Killing Heidi song, Weir, which is way different to the other soft sappy stuff she does.
Courtney did a great old Aussie song, “You weren’t in love with me”. Dicko didn’t even know it. But he did it great.

But what pissed me off about tonight? Dan’s attempt at singing “Better” by the Screaming Jets. I love the band and this song, and I sang it at a Karaoke night a year or so back and I reckon I would have shat all over his boring ass crap performance. He might have got the chicks on his side, but the guys would be with me I reckon!

Anyway, time to see who gets kicked out. I reckon it’ll be either Emelia (she sang crap AGAIN tonight) or Anthony (who did a crappy Rick Price who is crappy for starters.)

Best 4, in no particular order

Courtney – He can really sing. But I worry that he won’t make it cause of his size…(fickle teenage gvoting girls!)
Angie – Killer voice, but did a crap song tonight
Hayley – Did the Rock Chick thing well.
Casey – Kick ass voice as well. Especially for a 16 yr old.

But seriously. Rock on. I’m not really into this shit 😉


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