Campaign Crap.

Anyone else sick of the election campaign already?

We’ve had about 4 days of it, and already I am sick of hearing and seeing anything about it.
I know the Americans have had theirs in full swing for ages, but the campaign here in Australia has just got going with announcement of a date for the election (October 9th).

I wanna punch Johnny in the face at the best of times, but right now I’d do it repeatedly, the amount I have seen him on tv.
I just can’t stand the guys voice.

TV Stations would be advised to NOT have him on their channel, as they’d probably get less viewers!

If I were religious I’d be praying for a back to back Howard and Bush beat down, and that come November, both of them will be gone.

All I can do is hope, and plead that people in the US and Australia actually open their eyes….

Then the 2 people below can go and get together in their secret love cult forever……


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