The Canberra Marathon. Episode 1 – The idea.

Ok, so for some stupid reason I am considering training for a marathon to be run next April.

Earlier this year I watched in awe as my Brother in Law ran, and completed the Canberra Marathon. He did it in around 4hrs 16mins, which is pretty good for a first time I reckon, but it’s not about the time to me, it’s the fact that he finished it at all.

I heard a quote on The Olympics last night when they were showing the Women’s Marathon, which was run in 37 degree heat. The commentator said, “If you want to experience life, run a marathon..”

So, anyway, I am keen to give it a go. It’s not going to be easy, and I know it will be tough to try and maintain my enthusiasm, but fortunately my whole indoor soccer team is going to do it as well, which should at least give me some support.

I did a 5k run at lunch today. It was a tough course cause it was along the side of Hindmarsh drive on some dirt, with the fumes of dozens of cars going past. I did it in around 35 mins with me walking some parts. Hopefully if I keep going, I’ll be able speed it up a little and not walk at all….

I will aim for something around 4hrs 30mins if I do the marathon next year, but like I said, if I finish, i’ll be happy…


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