[TV] Free-to-air on Fox..

It’s a pain the arse, that Free-to-air channels are not broadcast on Foxtel.

I want to be able to just use my (new) digital Foxtel box to watch EVERYTHING.

The best part about the new ‘digital’ service (which was always digital, but now it sounds better), is that you can look up the TV guide for the next week for any channel and set a reminder to watch a show at any time.
When that show is due to start, a little reminder pops up on the screen to tell you change channel and starting watching me!
Of course, if you are watching free-tv, then you don’t see this reminder and then I turn back to Foxtel hours later and realise that I missed a show that i really wanted to watch.


So….Free-to-Air channels on Foxtel (satellite). How can it be done? Because every region has their own advertising, I dare say it would be tricky for Foxtel to show commercial stations on Satellite TV as it would have to be the same station for everyone, nationally. SBS is the only free-tv station that is shown on Foxtel, but that is easy because they show the same stuff Australia-wide. negotiations are underway with ABC to get their stuff shown on Foxtel, but again there are different regional news shows for different states, so which one do you show?

Maybe someone could tell me if there is a way to show different regions of a channel depending on where the Foxtel box is located. But I can’t see how it’s possible…

So, until that’s worked out I’ll just have to settle for missing Scrubs on a Thursday night because I have forgotten to switch to Fox….


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