iWant iPod

The 4th Generation iPod has just been released.

And it’s $100(USD) cheaper than the 3G one. WOO HOOO!!!!

That means that I am going to get one. Order it from the States. Get it sent to a friends place over there, and then he’ll ship it to me. So maybe in about 3-4 weeks I will have one. I am soooo stoked.
The New iPod is a little lighter. A little thinner. And uses the ‘Click Wheel’ which is on the mini model. It now also includes a USB 2.0 cable so they are actually thinking a bit more.

Can’t afford the 40Gb one still, but the 20Gb one should keep me going for a while.

WOooooooOOOoOoO…Bring on the iPod!

Oh yeah, and the reason I’m not getting it in Australia?

20Gb iPod from US = $299 = $408 Australian
20Gb iPod from Australia = $499.

Not too hard to work out why!

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