Ren & Stimpy….back when it was good!

I was browsing through the sale table at Electronic Boutique today and I saw a DVD sticking out, called “The Ripping Friends”.

The cartoon drawings looked familiar. It was created by none other than John Kricfalusi (John K). This is the man that created “The Ren and Stimpy Show”. This animated show pushed boundaries like never before for kids television. It was pre-South Park and was so ‘out there’ and twisted that many people got hooked.

So I had to buy this DVD. It was 4 hours long and at 50% off, only cost me 20 bucks. Can’t wait to check it out tonight.

So this arvo, I started checking out the net for info on this cartoon. I’d never heard of it, and as it turns out, these 13 episodes were the only ones ever produced.

What really got me excited while I was browsing was this. Ren and Stimpy are coming to DVD! With Commentaries and extras. BUT will they be the full uncensored versions?

Back when John K was writing and making the Ren & Stimpy cartoons, Nickelodian started cutting and censoring the show to hell and this resulted in John K being fired and losing control of his characters.

Who can forget the great episodes about Ren’s beloved ice-cream bar, or Powdered Toast Man’s heroic rescues and flying backwards. And of course there is the classic ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ Song!

“The little critters of nature…they dont know that they’re ugly.
Thats very funny! A fly marrying a bumble bee!
I told you I’d shoot, but you didn’t believe me!
WHY didn’t you believe me?”

13 years later and he has control again, with new episodes of Ren & Stimpy appearing on American cable television.


With any luck, these episodes may appear on Foxtel or some satellite channel here in Australia soon!


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