I want…

So..I want an iPod. I have about 9Gb of MP3’s at home, but still haven’t copied all of my (350) CD’s yet. I really want something that I can use to listen to my MP3’s at work, in the car, or even through my stereo.
iPod’s are of course the best you can get, but they are also the most expensive.
So, I’ve been searching around for the best alternative to an iPod.
The only real options though are a Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra, or a Dell Digital Jukebox. (See below)

They are actually both based on the same hardware, but according to reviews, the Dell is actually a better player. Only problem? Dell don’t sell them in Australia!! Bastards!
So I have to try and find one from the US, or settle for the Creative one.
Ebay has some, but I don’t want a used or refurbished one.

What the dooo…what to doooo


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