The Decider – Recap

WOOOOO! The Blues did on Wednesday night with an awesome win over those nasty Cane Toads.
It was a great match to watch, even with a couple of interesting refereeing decisions. The Blues totally outplayed the Queenslanders so refereeing can’t be considered a factor I don’t think.

However there were 2 refereeing (and touchie) decisions that could have made a difference.

1. In the 20th minute of the 1st half, Matt Sing was chasing down a grubber into the Blues ingoal. Anthony Minichello was running back, but instead of diving for the ball, he took out Matt Sing, basically preventing him from scoring. Queenslanders were baying for a penalty. But penalty tries are hard to come by. All New South Welshmen breathed a sigh of relief when just a penalty was blown. Mini should have been given 10 minutes in the bin, but maybe ‘new boy’ Simpkins was a bit too conservative. The Queenslanders scored from the ensuing set of 6, so the impact was not a big deal

2. Second half. I think the score was about 22 – 8 in favour of NSW. Queensland on the attack, and a wayward ball is bouncing towards the sideline. Rhys Wesser dives to keep it in, and bats it back to a teammate. The touchie calls it out, but his foot was inside the line when he hit it back. Could this have sparked a try to lead to a QLD revival? Dunno. Don’t care!

All in all, I think it was a good series. I was not happy with some of the team selections for the 3rd game. (Where was Gidley, Tahu and Ryan?) But they did the job and NSW now have more series wins than QLD for the first time ever!

Now if only Parra could step up and power into the finals…


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