I am a pair gain victim.

So, after my initial excitement at the prospect of getting ADSL at my house, I received a letter from AAPT on Monday, stating that ADSL was not available on my line. If I had another line into my house, please feel free to try using that one.

Yeah right. Bastards!!

I know it’s Telstra’s fault. They are the ones who have been using Pair Gain lines into houses. This restricts those houses from getting ADSL.

Sooo….I rang Telstra (at about 7pm), waiting 10 minutes from someone to talk to me, but then fortunately I got a lady from the Sales area who was happy to put in a Transposition order. This means that some Telstra techos will try and move my line onto a proper copper line suitable to support ADSL.
However, she also informed me that it will take 10-12 weeks and there is only a 1 in 25 chance of success.


These Pair Gain woes are not just mine. Thousands of Aussies have had the same problem in trying to get ADSL. You only have to browse Whirlpool for a few minutes to find out how many people have had the same problem.

So, my trek towards fast internet access has begun. I will let you know how I go when the next installment occurs!


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