Aaah Foxtel

Having recently re-acquired Foxtel at my new house, it’s been a joy to revist those TV shows that I watched as a kid.
How many of these shows do you have fond memories of?

The A-Team – Gotta love the theme song, and Mr. T rocks
Knight Rider – A Talking car. They were so far ahead of their time..
Gilligans Island – Build a boat , you idiots!
Wacky Races – I loved this! Muttley rocks.
The Cosby Show – Very ethical, but it takes me back
The Jetsons – Aaah..Mr. Spacely, how did you start up a company.
Mr. Ed – Wilbbbbburrrrrrrr!

The best part is, I can expose my children to these classic shows too. I don’t see why years of TV making should go to waste just because it is no longer current! Bill Cosby’s sweaters will live on!


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