Raise this up your flag pole….

Ok, I haven’t said much about Little Johnny lately, but I think I have to comment on this stupid flag-raising thing. In case you haven’t heard. John would like all schools to have a working flagpole, and to have a flag-raising ceremony. He also supports singing the national anthem every day at school.

Now I’m as patriotic as the next person. I cheer on the Aussies in anything we do and think we live in a fantastic country.

But….come on. You want 5-17 year olds to all huddle on the quad every morning and watch the flag go up a pole? For what?
Next he’ll get Australia to have a ‘pledge of allegiance’ and get kids to read it out every morning.

I am soooo looking forward to the day (coming soon I hope) when we have a Prime Minister that is actually living in this century and not in some previous incarnation of history.


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