I hit my first Roo yesterday. And yes, I hit it with my Speedwagon.
I was cruising at 80k down Narrabundah Lane, at around 5.30.
Now, this road is notorious for kangaroos and there are countless stories of smashed cars from my workplace. There are usually always 1 or 2 dead roos on the side of the road each week.

I saw him about 2 seconds before I hit him. He was on the left hand side of the road. Suddenly he was spooked and jumped….right into the path of my car. One more hop and he was nearly across, but I caught him ‘pre-bounce’ with my right hand headlight.
*BOOF* (The sound of metal on Kangaroo meat)
The roo bounced off somewhere and I pulled over.
Couldn’t see the Roo anywhere, but checked out the damage to my new purchase. Fortunately there is just a cracked headlight protector and one the other headlights is a little wobbly.

So off I went, probably leaving a crippled Roo somewhere to die..

But hey…there’s too many of them anyway..


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