LCD monitors

My boss is away today so I am going Blog crazy..
But anyway, I wanted to talk about Monitors.
LCD Monitors.

I bought one 2 weeks ago, along with lots of new Computer bits. I am now in the new ages and have a Pentium 4. Woo Hoo!

But I digress, I got a 17″ LCD monitor along with my other goodies. It was a no-name branded one, but the price was good and the one on display looked snazzy.
They actually gave me the one on display (they had apparently only just taken it out of the box that morning), and I took my pile of goodies home.
I installed the bits into my new case, hooked up all the wires and fired it up. Woo hoo…go go go…….oohhh SHIT…WHAT’S THAT?

Right there, about 5 centimetres in from the top left corner, i see this big fat fucking green pixel BLOWN.
“SHIT! I didn’t see that in the shop!”

Nothing I can do to fix it, and I had just turned it on, so I packed it back up and took it back to the place of purchase. They said they were not sure if the company would give me a new one because there is a ‘3 pixel’ clause in the warranty. You have to lose 3 before you get a new monitor.
Fuck that, I say. I just bought it. It should have NO pixels out.

So anyway, it’s gone back and I wait with anticipation to see what will happen.

Stay tuned 🙂

Anyone else have LCD grief?


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