Annoying People: Mechanics.

Ok, so i got my new car nearly 2 weeks ago now. Here in the ACT you have to get your car over the pits (have a registration check) before you can transfer the registration to your name. Also, if you don’t transfer it within 2 weeks of buying it you pay a fine to the government, plus you have to pay stamp duty when transferring it.

Anyway, I went and got some brake problems fixed on it last week, and afterwards the mechanic guy says, “The handbrake comes up a bit far, but it works fine……Gimme 350 bucks.”
So, I did, and off I went. Sure, the handbrake came up far, but at least my car didn’t roll back into the house across the street overnight!

So, I went to this dodgy tyre service place in Belconnen on Wednesday morning cause I saw a ‘Registration Check Done Here’ sign out front.
I left the car with them and went and wandered around Belconnen Mall for an hour.
There’s always that feeling of dread I get, just before they look at the inspection report and I wonder how many things they have found wrong with my car. So I held my breath….

“Your handbrake travels too high and your right hand rear licence plate light is out.”

“That’s it?”


“But I just got my brakes fixed. That’s how they left the handbrake”

“Well, it comes up too far”

“But they work”

“Doesn’t matter”

How freaking annoying is that.
So, stupid me had gone to a brake place in Woden, so I had to go there, wait around for 90 minutes while they fart-arsed around trying to fix the handbrake so it wouldn’t come up so far, and then I had to go back to Belconnen this morning to finally get the Inspection Report completed.

Oh yeah, and I got a new globe for my right hand rear licence plate light.
The dodgy tyre service place charged me $11 for someone to pull up the handbrake and look at the light. This is after charging me $30 for the initial inspection. I thought they did it for nothing after the initial check….

But now, I have a completed Inspection and just have to fork over cash to the government for them to transfer my name onto the Registration..

Glad I don’t buy cars every day, it’s a pain in the rear.


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