The Tuesday Box Review

I didn’t actually watch it, but having seen snippets of Merlin’s protest on Big Brother the other night, I have been impressed at the coverage it’s been getting. Channel Ten is probably rubbing its hands a the publicity, and Merlin is actually auctioning off the sign he showed to donate the money.

I commend him on the balls to do the protest, but to just sit there on stage with tape on your mouth and not talk seemed to be a bit extreme to me. He made his point, so he should have just got on with it and did the interview.

Anyway, it’s seemed to liven things up a bit in a house that has not really had that much excitement..

On another TV note (of which I really don’t watch that much of!), how good is that show, ‘Las Vegas’? It has to be the best new show on TV this year. It’s at least a twist from yet another CSI or Law and Order, and it keeps a good sense of humour and true Vegas entertainment about it.
Ok, ok, and I enjoy watching the girls on it 🙂

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