My sister rocks.

My sister lives and goes to uni in Bendigo.
She is cool, and so much like myself it’s cool…

Check out this email she sent me late last week.


WOa dude, I just had a brain exposion, you know that 2000 word essay, well i totally couldn’t get my head around some of the info that i had to write about….and i just had a freak out attack.. did that happen to you when you were in uni… were there things that you just couldn’t for the life of you understand?? I feel so stoopid that i cant ‘get’ things, like what people are trying to do or explain… And for some reason i hate talking to mum about it… i dunno why she just does this thing that annoys me… its like her aura or something… or maybe its just me… and then i try to tell sam this… and he’s just mr genius so i feel even more stoopid talking to him… and then i think about you… cos i figure that you and me are almost the same… besides the whole boob and willy thing.

Man… stress can really do crazy things to you i’ve realised

You know i think i’m gonna just blog to you every now and then… i like reading your blog so maybe you’ll like reading mine… :o) peace out home boy

p.s. I’m at uni atm, god fast internet is so awesome.


She sorted it out, and got an extension from the teacher, but I know exactly how she feels. It happens to me at work, where things just seem to big and too hard.
It usually happens when i’ve had 3 hours sleep 😉


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