So..we’ve moved to Dunlop. Yay.
I finally got the PC setup. Ran my phone cable from the kitchen through to the Dining Room. Dialed up.


28.8k. WHAT? bloody hell. Are we living in the dark ages here?

Tried it again.

Still. 28.8k. Now, I can’t say i am surprised. I had heard rumours that the internet speeds in Dunlop were bad, but I was just hoping it was just them..and not me!

So…ok…maybe I should get Broadband. I can scrape up the smackeroos to pay for the cheapy plan, and then when I go over my limit, it’ll just slow down to 56k. At least it’s better than 28!

But I might have problems there as well because apparently there are limited lines and ‘paired’ lines into Dunlop, so I may not be so lucky to get Broadband, although I know that there are people who do have it there.

The battle with Telstra begins….


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