Mick’s Mad Mothers Day

One crazy day! I worked. I drank. I went to the footy, and I played soccer.

Oh yeah..and I rang my mum.

It doesn’t get much more hectic than today though!
Fortunately my good wife is not a huge fan of these such events, so she didn’t mind me going to work, or going to the football. She does a great job with the kids though and for that, I thank her infinitely.

Mikayla attempted to help make her brekkie this morning. She was good at smashing the egg on the side of the bowl, and then pushing her fingers into it to make the egg explode.
After we dug out all the shell bits she whipped them all up.
After we wiped down the kitchen benches of egg, she poured them into the fry pan.
After cleaning up the stove of egg, we managed to get those eggs cooked!

I think her mum appreciated them 🙂


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