Let’s talk about the weather…

Ok, if all of Canberra’s winter could be like the last couple of days, I’d be very happy.
The thing is, I know that very soon it is going to get colder….and colder, until your little toes curl up at the end of the bed at the very breath of fresh air.
Fortunately I will be moving into a house with DUCTED HEATING in a few weeks, and that will be a revolution! I am sure the heating bills will go up, but I can’t wait to know what it’s like to wake up and not see your breath..

Autumn in Canberra is nice though. 17-18 degrees, morning frost then fine blue skies.
But as the weeks go by, it’s the 17..to 16…to 15…12 to 7 that I don’t like!!

Roll on Spring!


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