Ok. I like Michael Jackson’s music. Always have.
The first album I ever really loved was Thriller and then when Bad came out I was hooked. Even now I love grooving to his music.

But yes, he is a freak. A scary freak at times if you look at this picture.
I do also believe that most of the shit that he gets is unwarranted. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in his trial. I personally think that he will not be convicted, but yes, some weird shit has gone onw ith him and kids.

I refuse to believe that he is a kiddy fiddler in the traditional sense. But he has probably had kids in situations that were not what you and I would call ‘proper’.

Anyway, until the media craze finishes and he goes back into hiding, I’ll just groove along to “Do ya wanna be startin’ Something’….


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