Weekend Warp (sic)

2 Day in a weekend right?
They just went *POOF* this week.
And what did I do? Nuthin. Zip. Zero.

3 weeks out from moving house and I should have been packing, cleaning things out, getting prepared!
But instead I played Playstation with the kids and watched TV. And before I knew it, the days were gone.

Ok, we did do a bit of furniture shopping on Saturday. But after looking through Harvey Norman, Domayne, Freedom and Oz Design we still didn’t have a lounge picked out. We want to get something with either a chaise or a large ottoman for under 2 grand. You’d that that wouldn’t be too hard right?

But that’s the problem, it’s either too hard or too soft!!
I want a softer couch, cause I think the one we have now is too hard and not comfortable enough.
Fee wants a hard one because she says the softer ones hurt her back.

Dunno how we are going to pick one…..

Oh well. 18 days left till Dunlop and I have about 10 boxes packed. SHIT!


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