Oh yeah..and the weekend..

It was ok. I mean. it was busy and I got sleeps of 5, 8 and 4 hours on the respective nights.
I feel so shagged right now and work is kicking my arse, and the house needs packing, and I’m hungry, and I am negotiating with banks (shudder) and…and….and.

But..hey…I sold my house, so I should be smiling. I just wish i were somewhere else today…

It’s a bit sad also that I didn’t really have time to, or get around to reflecting on Anzac Day. I will have to take my kids out to the war memorial one time so they can learn about it…

At least Mikayla is back to school today so Fiona probably won’t self-destruct from craziness just yet. Maybe after 3 though..

Roll on May 21st…..


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