Me Geek?

Yahoo chatting is good.
I really enjoy just hanging out and chatting on there to relieve boredom and to meet people, but I sense that Fiona (my wife) is not all together happy that I can freely chat to people online and she feels that I should be ‘chatting’ more to her.

Hmmm…she may have a point here.

But let me explain. I don’t think that communication with Fee suffers because I chat online. The stuff I chat online about is usually the same sort of stuff I chat to Fee about, but it’s just to someone else with a different point of view.

Maybe she feels jealous that I have these people I can talk to that aren’t her? Maybe I need to show her how Yahoo chatting works and she’d feel more comfortable with it? She uses the net, but not as much as me and never uses an Instant Messenger. I’ve always found Messenger and before that ICQ to be a release. A great way to have conversations with others without leaving the comfort of my lounge room. And because the time I am usually online is night time, and with my kids it’s hard to go out much, the net is a good medium to be social without actually going out.

Having said all this, there are times when I really do need to get off the computer, sit on the couch and just spend quality time with Fee. I recognise this, but sometimes I may not do it as much as I should.
You’d think that after I’ve been on a PC all day at work that I wouldn’t do it at night as well.

I guess that just makes me some sort of geek…


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