Too much TV?

It’s a bit of a worry when my daughter starts saying, “Last” in an American accent.

Maybe that’s enough TV for you kid!

She is 5 now, but she has been a little slower than some kids in talking correctly as we thought she had a problem with her hearing. Things are a lot better now, and obviously her hearing is fine because she hears words on TV and then speaks like that at home.
Slowly but surely we teach her the ‘right’ way to say things, but how do you explain to a little girl that saying, ‘L-a-st’ is wrong and ‘L-ar-st’ is right?

The same applies with a few other words that those Yanks get wrong 😉
Can’t, Grass, pass.

Other people have noticed the way that Mikayla says, “Barbie”. Obviously she gets the accent from the American Barbie commericals and that’s how she says it. Fair enough I spose, but it sounds a bit strange…

I guess as she grows up and hears more people say words in general she will learn the ‘right’ way, but as more and more American content is on TV, it may take longer than I think!


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