Signing for debt.

Solicitors are lawyers, but it sounds so much better to be a solicitor. Lawyers are the ‘scum of the earth’ ™, but being a Solicitor sounds just that little bit better.

We are dealing with a lovely lady in the sale and purchase of our properties. She has been so great and helpful and just simply tells it like it is without any legal mumbo jumbo.

We signed contracts this morning, so now we are just 3 steps away from moving into our new place.
1. Site & pest inspection.
2. Exchange Contracts
3. Settlement.

With any luck, this will all happen in the next 6 weeks….

Of course there is still the packing and moving to do, but I’m actually looking forward to going through my shit and throwing things out!

It’d be nice if the agent let us move some stuff into the new house’s garage early, but I guess he’s not allowed..

Anyway…..Woo hooooo..nearly there!


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