Aaah Canberra. It’s a good place… But first, le…

Aaah Canberra. It’s a good place…
But first, let me say that I only barely consider myself a Canberran. I am a Sydneyite at heart, having been born there and living 12 years of my life there.

But now that I have been in Canberra for 16 years, I suppose I could really be classified a complete Canberran. The only thing is, that although I like to defend my town and it’s people, there are times when I wish I was in the hustle and bustle of the city and have that chance to mingle with so many people from so many different walks of life.

The fact is, Canberra doesn’t have a big enough population to really have a good cross-section of people with different origins, beliefs and ideals. This may be a reason why I have taken to blogging so much. It gives me a chance to explore other people from other places. (but I actually read a few other blogs from Canberrans too. Ironic?)

There are things that annoy me about this place though. Canberrans are, in the norm, a very fickle bunch. This is never more evident than when the support for one of our sporting teams drops off considerably as soon as they start losing.
Is this a lack of loyalty, or just a hate of losing? Canberrans don’t like to put themselves in a position where they could lose because it means they have lost the opportunity to win. And winnings is something that some Canberrans think they do a lot.

Maybe that is why Canberrans don’t have the best reputation around the country. There was once that classic story on Sixty minutes about the Canberran ‘Fat Cat’s and how we all live like Millionaires. This is of course no where near the truth, but it went a way to explain the perceptions that others have of us.

It was nice to see a post from a fellow Blogger Jef, in his blog Cult of Jef, reveal his small experience with Canberra from a overseas visitors perspective. Although he may not have had much to do with the people here, at least he made the effort to visit our little town and take in some sites.
It’s a bit upsetting though that he was recommended NOT to come here. A bit sad really…

Aaah Canberra. It’s a good place……..but not great.


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