Where is the freaking rain?? This morning there wa…

Where is the freaking rain?? This morning there was supposed to be a late shower or storm, but now it’s officially “Becoming Fine”.

I am getting so sick of having to water every second day just to keep my garden in a reasonable state. I am having to do it in 2 places as well, because my new house is empty and the grass is dying!

This lack of rain is of course a bigger problem for farmers and all, but I’m just being selfish and want rain rain rain!

I can hardly even remember what it’s like to have a good long glut of rain. The last time I can remember it raining a lot is November 2002 when it rained almost every single day of the month. What? Was that supposed to last us for 18 months?

I’ve got a good rain dance…maybe if I get enough people together…

When I was a kid, my cousins and my sister and I were all mucking around at my grandmothers house when we devised a rain dance to see if we could make it rain (It was a fucking hot day).
Anyway, the song went something like this. “Hawaii…hawaii…hawaii kangaroo”. We would sing this over and over again as we marched around in circles.

Then the biggest freaking hail storm happened almost straight afterwards. These hailstones were huge and I remember getting hit on the end as I rain into the house, these golf ball sized stones crashing into my skull.

So, yeah. This raindance works!!

“…Hawaii…hawaii…hawaii Kangarooooooo…”


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