10 years ago yesterday, I remember where I was whe…

10 years ago yesterday, I remember where I was when I heard the TV blurt out the words about the ‘Grunge Rocker’ who committed suicide. I was at my Aunties place in Sydney after just being in a car for 4 hours. We had just walked in the door when the 6:00 news was on. I think it was Jim Waley telling us…
Kurt Cobain was dead, and so was Nirvana.
My first thoughts were of disbelief, but then it wasn’t long before I was torn between the feelings of anger and confusion.

Why would a guy who has changed the face of music and made so many people happy want to end his life in such a way? What was it that made him reach the point of no return?

Nirvana’s music, like it did for so many, changed my life and my perception of how music affects me. There has never been a moment of clarity and perfection more clearly than the first time I heard “Smells like Teen Spirit”. It’s a feeling that I will try to convey to my children, but I doubt they will understand.

Kurt may not have been a good role-model, or a person to aspire to, but he made fucking awesome music and that was the bottom line for me.
I think I was more sad at the fact that Nirvana was dead, and that’s where the anger came into it…

Long Live Nirvana’s Music, and R.I.P. Kurt.

Blogcritics.org: Kurt Cobain – 10 Years Gone


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